Aquarius Aquarius hosts the main (although not the only) list of translators on the Internet
LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association)

machine translation

TRADOS Translator's Workbench for Windows

Computer-Assisted Translation Web Site A pioneer in this field in the UN system, the World Health Organization presents its translator's workbench project and puts some of its glossaries, bilingual documents and "translation memories" at the disposal of freelancers.

Terminology Management

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what is Machine Translation Translation Memory

The web
HTML to the Max -- A Manifesto for Adding SGML Intelligence to the WWW

General rules for Style Guide (Triacom's)

Human Languages
Multilingual PC Directory
DiET (Diagnostic and Evaluation Tools for NLP Applications)

Less Commonly Taught Languages

Translation too ls (EJ Bilingual)
KT International (Superlinguist Manager)
Language Assistant Series (Globalink Inc.)
Power Translator

Terminology forum


a robot assistant for
looking up translations, definitions, synonyms, antonyms,
references, etc. of words appearing in a document. Wordbot
Download-able tools
Thai resources
Microsoft Latest Common Control DLL
Windows Internationalization and Localization

Chinese fonts
Help with creating a multilingual site
Putting on an International Interface
W3C Internationalization / Localization