Surrounded by apartments and townhouses born in the urban sprawl of the last 15 years, a 10 acres piece of land at Walnut and Gardino seems to be living at a different rhythm, the rhythm that nature performs.
Is this the last farm in Fremont?

Different crops mark the seasons: bright comos and sunflowers tomatoes, lots of peppers, strawberries and beans, pumpkins and corn.

Ramon Ramirez has been running this farm for more than 15 years with the help of Rubuen Garcia, his faithful employee. No pesticides are used and the land is worked by hand. The planting starts in March and finishes in July when the harvest begins and continues through the end of November. The land rests from December to March.

At the small green stand on the corner, freshly harvested organic veggies are offered every day.

These photos were taken in 2002